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If you are integrating core business data in legacy systems with back-office or cloud applications, providing web-based access to these systems for other key enterprise applications, or extending access to customers and suppliers for improved e-business, you need an enterprise application integration solution that is fast, focused, and flexible. PRESENCE is that solution.

PRESENCE can deliver total integration of virtually any data source
inside and outside your business

Fast and Reliable Cloud Integration

PRESENCE is a rapid software development solution for integrating core legacy business systems, including the data and processes in those systems, with multiple applications, frameworks, client and cloud environments. Nothing on the market delivers total integration faster.

We know that you require a complete solution that addresses your business requirements in business timeframe’s. Fast, reliable delivery is at the core to all of our software solutions, which is why our products are fully graphical and follow our “minimal-coding” principle.

PRESENCE includes our graphical integration and development environment that enables the deployment of complex application integration solutions in unrivalled timeframe’s. It employs a rapid, component-based approach to integration that requires no changes to applications at all, further saving time and eliminating complexity.

Flexible Integration

PRESENCE offers you total flexibility when integrating multiple back-office systems, as well as any front-office, CRM, call center, telephony, cloud or Web application, without re-engineering your existing systems.

In addition to a range of legacy integration options, PRESENCE supports industry standards, such as RESTful client and server communications, XML / WSDL, and its multi-tier architecture ensures scalability that accommodates growing volumes of users and transactions.

Its’ graphical, component-based approach enables you to deliver incremental enhancements or full-scale deployments in days and weeks instead of months and years.

You need PRESENCE if:

  • You want to improve customer service, user productivity, and profitability through e-business initiatives
  • You have significant investment in legacy systems containing detailed, mission-critical information
  • You need real-time access to information in core legacy business systems; or
  • You need to consolidate information from multiple legacy applications into a single view

Whatever your Cloud integration needs, PRESENCE can handle them, so find out more today.

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