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The BAM engine in PRESENCE is an integral part of the total solution provided.

It can monitor disparate data sources across a global enterprise as well as external information feeds such as web sites and RSS feeds and alerting the right person at the right time by the right media about potential problems, need-to-knows or opportunities.

This information can be everything when it comes to optimizing business performance and effectiveness

Organizations that require sophisticated information monitoring and management systems automatically think of Business Intelligence (BI) possibly working with a Data Warehousing system to analyze data and trends. PRESENCE doesn’t’t just monitor specific processes or event in real time, it can combine process data with other abstract data, analyze it, filter it and distribute it all in real time.

PRESENCE allows fast integration to your existing enterprise resources by being able to integrate with any JDBC or ODBC compliant data source and by using our powerful SQL and XML query engines, along with the Presence Object Monitor, so all of your key business data can be easily integrated.

The Presence Deviation Engine technology, can identify changes in your data at a field level, reporting new records, changed / unchanged records, and even deleted records and take different actions according to what is found. The data can then be transformed, filtered, split, or merged before being output in an almost limitless variety of ways.

PRESENCE can also connect your business processes to your performance goals and the monitoring capabilities of the Presence Deviation Engine (PDE) are a key component to the provision of business metrics, key performance indicators, executive dashboard displays and a powerful on-demand reporting platform.

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A bespoke PRESENCE dashboard monitoring live RFID data

Improving Performance with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Knowing that something is going to happen before it actually does enables your executives to be more proactive, make better business decisions and avoid problems before they arise.

Business Activity Monitoring or BAM is simply the monitoring of your business data in real-time against a series of business rules and KPI’s and then alerting the people who need to know if these rules are broken.

PRESENCE can trigger a number of different alert message types including:

  • Emails
  • SMS
  • FAX
  • Web pages
  • Dashboards

With PRESENCE you can build powerful business activity monitoring tasks that monitor any combination of data sources and inform key recipients of the important business conditions they need to know about.

Examples of BAM in Action

The easiest way to illustrate the use of BAM applications in the real world is to look at some examples from different industries:

Manufacturing:  BPM software can be used in just-in-time manufacturing for tracking deliveries from suppliers. By identifying and communicating late deliveries from suppliers at the moment it is clear they will not arrive on time, the buyers can take immediate action to avoid disruption of the production-line.

Retail:  PRESENCE can help retailer avoid lost revenue by highlighting that stock levels of a certain item are low to the Buyers who can replenish the supply. Alternatively a BAM Task could be use to produce extra revenue and avoid inventory costs by highlighting overstocking to management, who can then introduce a sale or promotion to help move the stock in question.

Healthcare:  When a patient checks in at a hospital for a planned visit, a business activity monitoring application could be used to alert all the people involved in the care process that the patient has arrived in the building. This would prepare all staff well in advance and hopefully improve the patients experience while being looked after.

The Applications of BAM Alerting Applications are Literally Infinite

What business conditions would you and your executives like to know about the moment they occur?

As well as being able to send real-time alerts to humans when their attention is required, BAM Tasks developed in PRESENCE can also trigger entire business processes themselves. A great example of this can be seen by taking the Retail example above a step further.

With PRESENCE, it would be possible to not only alert your internal buyer to replenish supply when stock becomes low, but actually trigger an automated stock ordering Task in PRESENCE.

For example, if you only had one supplier for a particular stock item and a regular order volume, then you could build a task in PRESENCE which automatically sends your Supplier an order when stocks run low with no human intervention at all.

Alternatively, if you had two or more competitive suppliers and their prices varied, a task in PRESENCE could automatically send out a request for quotes from each of the suppliers, with a link to a web-based form for them to complete within a certain time period.

Then, when the suppliers have each completed the form or the allocated time period is up, PRESENCE could take the information they have provided in the forms, identify the cheapest quote and then generate and send out an order automatically!

Automating activities and even entire processes with Business Activity Monitoring is one of the most powerful aspects of PRESENCE and this is often where the software can have its biggest impact on the performance of a business.

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