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International Presence can rapidly develop and deploy the applications your business needs to perform better.

Whether you need simple reporting applications, new web services or a complete document management system, we can help you create them all using our in-house development platform PRESENCE.

PRESENCE applications have the advantage of being completely flexible and future-proof because they are not ‘hard-coded’ and can therefore easily be updated by your team or us to embrace any changes to legislation or business requirements in the future.

With PRESENCE we can develop flexible new applications fast and without any code the module Advanced settings.

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Real-time Dashboards and Reports

With the PRESENCE platform you can generate reports and dashboards from any combination of your data sources in real time, without affecting the performance of your native applications.

Automatically merge data from your disparate data sources and legacy applications, format it into easy to read reports and graphics and then distribute it to your executives via email, fax, web pages or even SMS.

With PRESENCE you can empower your executives by giving them the information they need to make better decisions fast.

Automation and Workflow

Automating common processes can quickly reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout your business.

With PRESENCE you can automate document and data management, merge data from disparate data sources and eliminate bottlenecks throughout your departments.

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Applications

Monitoring KPI’s across your business in real-time will provide your decision-makers with the data they need to successfully steer your business into the future.

With PRESENCE you can monitor and alert on your Sales, Marketing or any other data sources in real time and automatically alert executives to any situations that requires their attention.

Business activity monitoring applications are one of the fastest ways to increase sales, improve customer service and raise the overall performance of you organization.

Web Services, APIs and XML

PRESENCE is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create new web services, APIs and generate XML from your existing data sources and legacy systems.

Modernize and Extend your Existing IT investments

With PRESENCE you can quickly modernize and extend your existing applications and legacy systems with new browser-based GUI’s and automated interfaces.

Web-enable your existing applications and data, turn legacy systems into enterprise focused services and provide your users with the tools they need to perform at their best.


Updating your hard-coded systems to keep in line with legislation can be expensive and time consuming for your IT team.

With PRESENCE, you can create flexible applications that meet all your compliance needs and can easily be updated should it be required.


PRESENCE enables you to create new, flexible applications quickly and without code.

Say goodbye to long drawn out planning processes and hard-coded solutions that require a team of expensive developers and months of testing to create. With PRESENCE your team can create applications in weeks that would traditionally take months and then continually improve them as they are being used.

With an infinite number of uses, PRESENCE will change the way you think about application development forever.

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