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Product Datasheets

Below are a selection of datasheets about our range of solutions

PRESENCE Technology Datasheets

PRESENCE Codeless Development Platform

PRESENCE is a powerful development platform and integration suite that provides you with the ability to rapidly develop the applications and processes your business needs without any complicated programming.

What’s more, you can do so in a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with this type of technology and deliver the required ROI within weeks instead of months or years.


PRESENCE Orchestration

PRESENCE Orchestration is a flexible document management and workflow development platform that will help you take control of your document-driven processes to improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs across your business.

PRESENCE Cloud and Legacy Integration

If you are integrating core business data in legacy systems with back-office or cloud applications, providing web-based access to these systems for other key enterprise applications, or extending access to customers and suppliers for improved e-business, you need an enterprise application integration solution that is fast, focused, and flexible.

PRESENCE is that solution.


Enterprise Fax Datasheets

iMPS2 Enterprise Fax Server

The iMPS2 Enterprise provides a complete enterprise fax and email solution for all of your mid-range
platforms, desktops and network clients.

This technology provides a total solution for all you midrange and desktop requirements using cutting edge software and the latest fax card technology. IMPS2 Enterprise also allows support for the latest fax over IP capabilities.

iMPS2 Lite Enterprise Fax Server

The iMPS2 Lite has been designed as a direct upgrade to the iMPS1, and represents a new generation of fax technology.

With the iMPS2 Lite you can reduce the cost per line of iSeries faxing to a level where users do not have to think about the number of lines they can afford, only what they need. You can also combine the power of Fax and Email technology with the ability to upgrade to a full iMPS2 Enterprise Fax Solution when ready.



In today's highly competitive business environment, fast, accurate communication can make the difference between being successful and being left behind. For iSeries users, that means FAX/400 - the total enterprise solution for sending and receiving faxes and email.


With CloudFAX400 you can have all the features usually associated with an on-premise, enterprise-level fax server, conveniently hosted for you in the cloud.

Since CloudFAX400 does not use any FAX hardware or fixed telephone lines, you can slash phone line and hardware maintenance costs, free up internal resources from upgrades and maintenance and create more room in your server room.

Fax over IP Overview

Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP), also known as IP Faxing, is a method of sending faxes over the
Internet and changes the transmission medium of faxing in much the same way that Voice over IP (VoIP) changes the transmission medium of a phone call.

Fax Over IP Interoperability

This document is a list of IP PBXs, Gateways, SIP Trunking interfaces, and other devices that have been
tested for Interoperability with our iMPS FoIP T.38 Fax over IP solution.

Email Gateway

The world's leading System i Fax solution now has full email integration. Automated application faxing can be expanded to accommodate those customers and vendors who would prefer to receive their purchase orders, invoices, etc. via email instead of fax.

Fax Attendant

Start monitoring your fax communication channels automatically 24/7 with Fax Attendant.

Receive automatic alerts via email, fax or SMS if your fax drivers fail, telephone line goes down or fax queue stops processing faxes.


iMPS DMS is an affordable document management and workflow system that can help you take control of your company documents to improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs across your business.


Want to see a demonstration of our solutions in action?

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UK: 020 8972 1390

or email the team at sales@international-presence.com


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