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Process Integration

By correctly integrating your business processes, you can reduce costs and improve efficiency across your organization. Eliminating bottlenecks and improving performance.

PRESENCE allows you to integrate every aspect of your current enterprise environment by being able to integrate with any JDBC or ODBC compliant data source, including:

Software applications



External information source

Field workers

Web services


Integrating Business Data

Using our powerful SQL and XML query engines, along with the built in Object Monitor, all of your key business data can be easily integrated. PRESENCE can examine data from multiple data sources (which can be on completely different servers and even different database platforms).

Using our unique PRESENCE Deviation Engine technology, the server can identify changes in your data at a field level, reporting new records, changed / unchanged records, and even deleted records and take different actions according to what is found. The data can then be transformed, filtered, split, or merged before being output in an almost limitless variety of ways.


Integrating Applications

Business processes and applications can be interfaced with directly. PRESENCe can update web sites or WAP sites via HTML pages or WML, or produce custom data formats such as XML or EDI for integration with external applications or partners. Using our unique Program Call Slave architecture, a PRESENCE Task can call a program or application on any server on the network, and receive data and responses back into the Task.


Integrating People

Integrating people by way of messaging is also a key part of our solutions, PRESENCE alert media include e-mail, fax, SMS (short-message-service-capable device such as pager, cell phone).

Alert messages can be directed to individuals or to groups of recipients. Recipient details can be pre-configured for each Task, or alternatively the output can be dynamically addressed based on conditions you set.

PRESENCE provides an alert subscription system, whereby messages are sent in multiple formats, to unspecified recipients, via Message Channels. E.g., a weekly sales report could be broadcast to the Sales Channel as a plain email, an HTML email and as a FAX - users that have subscribed to the Sales Channel will receive the reports in whichever format they prefer, but the Task administrator does not need to know who those recipients are.


Integrating Email

Similarly, a POP scanner function also allows for incoming emails containing data to be scanned and used as a source of input, e.g., an instruction to continue a process, (go-ahead and order) or a request for information (customer credit check details). To understand the power of PRESENCE BPM’s integration capabilities, you have to understand our architecture. To find out more go to Architecture in our Library.

Discover more about PRESENCE technology here ...

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Document Management and Workflow Development

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PRESENCE Cloud and Legacy Integration

Download the PRESENCE Cloud and Legacy Integration Overview



Want to Integrate Your Business Processes?

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USA: 800 429 8983 or (1) 321 726 9941
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or email the team at sales@international-presence.com


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