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Document Management Solutions

Using PRESENCE technology, our Document Management Solutions enable you to move documents through your business more efficiently, store and retrieve documents electronically and automatically track documents through your workflow's.


Dealing with both physical and digital documents can be one of the most challenging aspects of any organization. PRESENCE can improve how you approach this information in a variety of ways


Storage and Retrieval

When a document is archived, it is critical that it is in a format that can be searched and retrieved easily.

Automated Distribution

Business documents typically require the involvement of more than one person before they serve their intended purpose. With PRESENCE you can create workflow's. that automatically distribute and control documents throughout your business.


Document Imaging

Document imaging makes up a large part of the technology behind the movement towards a paperless office. We can provide Document imaging software that converts paper documents and integrated them into electronic document workflow's.


Document Management refers to the management of documents at all stages, from their initial creation and distribution right through to storage, archiving and retrieval.

Having a good document management system in place can significantly help your business with efficient organization, storage and retrieval of important documents such as invoices, large drawings/plans, spreadsheets, client documents and offer a healthy return on investment.

Using PRESENCE, our bespoke document management solutions can make all document-related tasks far easier and also attend to the issues of authorized access and data security. The information below identifies the essential tasks that our document management solutions can manage and improve.

Capture, Maintain and Retrieve:

In a modern DMS, even data on paper documents can be captured through scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The image then becomes a digital document that can then be edited, searched by its content, and more. Documents created using your word processors, spreadsheets and other applications become part of the DMS document repository, facilitating retrieval, review, and editing.

Speedy Access and Secure Storage:

PRESENCE Document Management Systems allow far speedier access to any document you want, from a single interface that can access the entire corporate information store. We can also help you protect the corporate database from unauthorized access and malicious intrusions.

Remote Access From the Field:

Our Document Management Systems tend to be Web-browser based. That means you can access your company data from across the globe during a business trip, provided you enable Internet access.

Search, Not Browse:

Instead of browsing through all the directories and folders, you can simply search for documents by the unique words they contain, or by such key fields as name, invoice number, document type, or date range.

Work With the Documents:

Print, e-mail, add, or change the documents, all from somewhere far from your office.

Work Collaboratively:

Collaborative work on the same document is facilitated by Document Management Systems, which also protect data integrity by such features as Check Out and Check In. This means that if more than one person accesses the same document at the same time, only one of them can change the document. Until that person is finished, the others can only read the document. Otherwise, the changes made by one person can be lost when another person simultaneously makes other changes.

A PRESENCE Document Management System can indeed transform your work environment, so contact us to learn more.


PRESENCE Orchestration
Document Management and Workflow Development

Download the PRESENCE Orchestration Overview



Looking to improve your Document Management?

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