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Document Imaging

Document imaging makes up a large part of the technology behind the movement towards a paperless office. Even in offices that have opted for electronic documents, some documents still arrive on paper. Document imaging software converts these into digital documents, allowing the original document to be shredded and recycled.


The Document Imaging Process

Document imaging involves a document scanner and its software converting a paper document into an electronic document to integrate it into an electronic workflow.

The software first creates an image of the scanned document in a preferred format, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP. The text in the image is human-readable but not machine-readable. Computers will see it as simply a picture and not as words.


OCR and Barcoding

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software recognizes text characters in images and converts the image into a machine-readable text document. Once OCR processing is over, the documents can be indexed using the full text or additional metadata. Metadata is simply information about the document such as the date of creation, author, and one or more unique identifiers.

Before they are scanned, documents can be attached with a barcode page containing customized metadata, and a barcode indexer can index them immediately using the metadata represented by the barcode.

Document imaging is an essential component of electronic document management systems. With our technology, even large enterprises with a continuous flow of paper documents at numerous locations can transfer all these documents to the electronic workflow by scanning and indexing the paper documents as they arrive.



Document imaging helps reduce paper-storage requirements and streamlines workflow, easing the management of documents. Significant cost reductions and business-process improvements can be expected as a result. Once imaged, most of the original paper documents can be shredded and recycled, contributing to environmental protection.

Once in an electric form, documents can be stored, indexed and viewed from any location in the world and enable faster recovery from disasters like a fire or flood. Electronic documents can be backed up systematically, and the backups can be stored in separate locations, including on the Web.

Electronic discovery of particular documents for litigation or audit purposes is possible in an electronic document management system with appropriate document indexing. This is much faster and more dependable than physical discovery in a paper-based system.


Improving Your Business

Document imaging is an essential requirement for streamlined business processes in both large enterprises and small businesses. Modern document management systems typically come with imaging and incidental functions such as meta-tagging of documents using bar codes.

With our technology you and have a solution precisely tailored to your requirements.

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PRESENCE Orchestration
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