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Financial Services

Today's financial services environment can be complicated with multiple business units, legacy systems, and dozens of enterprise applications that not only must work together but also give management the business insight necessary to drive timely and accurate decision-making.

How Can Our Technology Help Financial Service Companies?

Better target and serve your customers by economically streamlining the end-to-end client management process and guiding employees through decision-making processes.

Enable Straight-Through Processing. Business rules in processes can help automate the routing and processing of tasks — often reducing the amount of human intervention required by over 80%.

Extend the value and life of core systems by leveraging existing applications and introducing more efficient Web-based forms and interfaces.

Enable collaboration across and beyond the enterprise by automating work routing and notifications across groups, outside agents, and customers. This reduces the time, errors and complexity of executing processes.

Gain real-time visibility and control over processes by allowing Managers to view real-time process performance and proactively manage bottlenecks.

Create an audit trail with detailed process reporting, which provides a complete picture of the process including activities, systems, and participants

Fax Servers are an integral and essential tool for the financial services industry. A significant volume of transactions and paper documents flow through the operations of financial services organizations every day. International Presence's fax servers are used by many companies in the financial industry when there is a need for reliable, high-throughput fax processing.


Mortgage Processing

Our Fax Servers are used by major banks and mortgage lenders to handle the high volume of documents these firms process each day. These firms receive mortgage applications and closing documents and send out rate quotes, rate confirmations and loan approvals. Traditional fax machines can be replaced by iMPS2 Servers so that documents are received electronically directly into data storage. Once the documents are received, they can be handed off to our workflow and document processing systems. This entire process is paperless.


Insurance Claims Processing

Major insurance providers use the iMPS2 Server to process claims forms as they are received, and to send outbound confirmations of insurance eligibility and policies. Our PRESENCE software can provide capabilities such as automated data extraction and bar code reading of forms-based documents, for advanced inbound delivery options. For health insurance forms, our servers can generate an audit trail as required by HIPAA regulations.



iMPS2 Servers are used to distribute analyst research reports and hard copy trade confirmations. For compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, our server archives sent and received documents for easy retrieval.


Consumer Credit

On-demand credit reports and notification of approval/denial of credit applications are examples of documents delivered using our iMPS2 Server in Consumer Credit applications. Our server is also used to deliver on-demand account statements and notifications to vendors of customer disputes of charges.

International Presence has an established track record in Financial Services. Many of the country's largest and well known financial services organizations depend on us for Document Delivery. Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, Consumer Credit, Brokerage, Insurance, and Mutual Fund companies operate some of our highest port density Fax Server implementations.

Financial Services organizations demand high-throughput performance. With hundreds of thousands of documents processed per day, efficiency is essential. International Presence delivers on these requirements with the iMPS2 Servers, also meeting demand for reliability, scalability, and flexibility.



The Challenge: Eliminate tedious manual processes and expedite information to recipients, such as loan account customers. Improve customer communications.

The Solution: Credomatic implemented PRESENCE to monitor business activities, generate notifications & reports, and develop new processes. Develop tasks which enable customers to make automated account enquiries via SMS and also start sending alerts to customers via their mobile phones regarding potential problems with their accounts.


Real-time visibility
Reduction in errors and incoming enquiries
More efficient reporting.
Automated workflow.
Improved cashflow.
Better customer service and communications

Download the full case study in PDF format here





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